Kolkota, European Tasting Spots in India

India has a European flavored holiday destination. Located in the city of Kolkata, the buildings with neoclassical architecture style lined pretty.

The sense of awe seeing the city of Kolkata is like being in a European country with the dominance of residents of Indian descendants. Architectural buildings from England, Belgium, Italy, and Greece became a very thick setting in every inch of the land plot of Bengal land.

By 11 noon, DetikTravel DreamDestination AirAsia’s team was at St. John Church. The neoclassical-style church that once ngetrend in England in this century is the first building of the Anglican people in Kolkata. My feather had shuddered because it was built on an old cemetery. Luckily the tour guide told us after we would go to the next destination.

My shoes are friendly enough to be driven quickly to see the old city building blocks in Kolkata. The red walls and ivory yellow patterns always loomed before the eyes. There are historic buildings that switch functions, such as the Kolkata High Court building which was once the First Supreme Court in India. The dome of this building was a typical style of the European city of Belgium.

Five minutes walk from High Court building, incomplete if not visited government building. Kolkata has a city hall building that is a blend of two countries. Visible typical pillars of Greece stood up to support the architecture of the Italian-style buildings.

Not far from across the street is the Raj Bhavan building, where the West Bengal Governor is running his office. Understandably the building is closed to the public, so we can only look from outside the fence. Next we went to see the oldest library in India, but just the same we can only see and photograph the exterior or the outside only because it is still in the repair stage. Part of this building has high pillars like the Greek buildings, almost similar to the building of the town hall.

The destinations of Kolkata’s old city are then concluded at Kolkata Office Post. This building was established since 1864 and has the same function until now. I was very impressed with the postcard of this building from Andra. He collected some original Kolkata postcard postcards. So want to send a letter if you have a pen pal from India.

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